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If you see any item that has been marked "SOLD" but would like one anyway then please contact us. All sales are final. All ivory and soapstone pieces have been appraised along with several other items.

About The Art

I have traveled extensively through out the Arctic Circle and have met and become good friends with some very famous carvers, print makers and jewelers.

Most of these pieces are for sale. They have all been appraised, with the exception of the art works made by myself and my mother. The name and location of the artist will be supplied with the price of the art itself.

NOTE: Most of our pictures that I have collected are signed and this increases the value. All shipping is extra and not included in the price. Items ordered and sent overseas are also welcomed.

Custom pieces can be bought, but most will require a down payment of at least half of the price, and only size and time are included in the price of the carving; shipping is extra.

Pieces are from the following communities: Arctic Bay, Pangnirtung, Cape Dorset, Kimmirut and some of the best are from Grise Fiord which is at the top of the world. The artist's name is Looty Pijamini.

Thank you for your time.

* No refunds or returns on any items.